A new read…

Just purchased a classic that I can’t wait to start. It is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Written in 1931, Huxley imagined a dystopian future that is both frightening and frighteningly real today.

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Incidentally, he taught French to George Orwell at Eton. Perhaps, Orwell took inspiration from his teacher for 1984.

I got a lovely hardback edition from Everyman’s Library. I am already certain that it will be one for the bookcase!

Quiz time!

In my Culture Quiz this week, the theme is B*tches Be Crazy. I’ve detailed some of the most outrageous caricatures of female madness in literature. But can you name the novel..?

Culture-10-702x336…and in the interests of equality, the next quiz will be, Mad Men, where I’ll detail some of the most insane descriptions of insane men in books.

International Literature Festival Dublin

Formerly known as the Dublin Writers Festival, the International Literature Festival Dublin will take place from May 16-24.

It was founded in 1998 and features readings, discussions, debates,workshops, performance and screenings.

With a new Programme Director (Martin Colthorpe) on board, the festival will continue to champion Dublin’s position as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Full programme details are due any day…

For more info see http://ilfdublin.com/




Welcome to my blog! I’m Siobhán Devoy, I’m a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland and I will be using this blog to talk about all things literary. I will discuss works by some great writers; review new releases; deliver literary news and talk about some of my own projects.

The name of my blog Chestnut Tree Cafe is a nod to one of my all-time favourite writers, George Orwell. It is a fictional cafe in his masterpiece 1984. Any fans of this novel will know that it is the cafe where Winston and Julia frequent and it is also pivotal in the closing pages of the book…


Can any Orwell fans answer the following question though:

What happened under the spreading chestnut tree?